10 Ways to Improve The Cyber Security Monitoring for your Business


Recently the Security Monitoring over operations has become essential to the detection of attacks or unknown exploits over your network. Businesses are unable to pick on valuable tangible data to find vulnerabilities or loopholes on your computer and network systems.  

Most of the security tools found today come with a preconfigured set of rules and signatures that most of the time, the Security Administrators are missing important information over the security monitoring needed. 

In most of my experience, I find it better to follow the next 10 ways so you can improve the security monitoring for your business.

1. Correlate and ingest system logs for configuration changes on specific key components of your system. This can be Windows, Linux, Cisco, etc.

2. Add a Firewall host-level monitoring panel where you can track systems that are standing outside from your predefined baseline. This gives you better visibility of network ports trying to access unexpected endpoints.

3. Review and validate software installs on your network environments to have a closer look for insider threat signals.

4. Use Wireshark and Network Miner packet analyzers forensic tool for those security events where an unknown IP and network port are reported and no one knows about its existence.

5. Use a Web filtering tool to monitor all the URLs and IPs accessing your systems and block access to known malicious sites and potentially unwanted applications. 

6. Use a good Dashboard and email alert system to make you aware of the anomalies happening on your system. These are related to what is unknown, suspicious, a risk, or a virus alert.

7. Provide training for your employees, there are low-cost cybersecurity training. ($300) that would make a difference to allow your employees to get more talent and apply it for your business. Just make sure whatever the employee brings gets documented.

8. Use encryption and monitor SSL certificates on your applications. Many of them have a default key where it can be easily compromised.

9. Monitor and review Firewall denies this is one of the most important as you will see applications and port trying to reach out to those unknown network destinations.

10. Monitor processes and executables that users are running on your network and systems. This can be done for Linux and Windows systems. 

    There is more out there where the new Security Engineers are working on to find better visibility into our network and endpoints. Another additional advice as well as on communication. Try to always prepare an incident report stating all the details and findings for your security events. 

    You can always find good tips on Cyber Security over the SmartWorld fan Facebook page.  


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