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Security monitoring supports highlighting just the key areas of risks that a company faces daily. The threat intelligence allows cybersecurity teams to accurately assess their own internal and external risks given the real threats that are at high risk in your organization.

The threat intelligence gathers information about threats and threat actors that helps mitigate harmful security risks events to protect your data and networks. Cyber threat intelligence sources include open-source intelligence, social media intelligence, human intelligence, technical intelligence, or intelligence from other Organizations Security Intelligence and Research Group Communities.

Threat Intelligence focuses on the analysis and collection of information on both potential and current cyber-attacks that threaten the security of your company data, assets, and networks. This operational practice creates a proactive security measure that prevents data or security breaches and saves financial expenses if a security breach occurs.

Your business will benefit from the following categories:

Prevent the loss of data – The threat intelligence practice acts as the continuously secured door gate when suspicious IP addresses or domains try to communicate with your network to collect important information. Therefore, the cyber threat intelligence system helps to prevent by blocking such addresses from invading your network and stealing classified or unclassified sensitive data. If these intrusions attempts are not responded in time, may become a (DDoS) distributed denial of service attack disrupting your business operations.

Threat Intelligence Sharing – Improve protection against cyberattacks via shared threat intelligence. This provides the tactics past, present, and future cybercriminals are doing and you can detect and prevent attacks from occurring. The more you or your team learns the more chances to defeat these attacks for destructive events.

Mitigate Risks – Cyber delinquency has increasingly grown with the Covid-19 pandemic to harm people's devices, homes, schools, and organizations by continuously exploring new ways to penetrate their networks. Threat intelligence gives the visibility needed into such emerging vulnerabilities, exploits, and other threats to reduce the risk of data loss, stop disruption in your business operations.

Cost Reduction – Adding threat intelligence into your business or security operations can help reduce expenses and save your business capital by improving adding the in-depth defenses to help mitigate the risks and threat your organization faces. When the data security breach occurs you won't have to invest more money on remediation and for the domain, email, and DNS reputation on the marketplace. The average cost for a data breach for small-to-medium Business is from $149,000 and $15 Million for Large corporations, according to

In-depth Threat Analysis – Threat intelligence accurately supports your business to analyze the different techniques of hackers, botnets, and intrusion techniques. By analyzing these exploits and threats, your business can determine if the security defense systems can block or mitigate such an attack.

Improving Security Teams – The threat intelligence system improves the efficacy of the security team on your business by correlating threat intelligence with anomalies flagged by security tools on the network. The threat intelligence practice can integrate threat intelligence into an organization’s data and network baseline to reduce the security response time and allows the company’s staff to focus on goals and project deadlines.

Here is a Free Threat Intelligence/Management tool sample provided from Microsoft that you can use. If you need any support or service please let us know we are welcome to answer questions.


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